For some, blogging seems like a chore. For me though – well it’s one of my favourite pastimes. It’s also a very important part of my job.

It doesn’t matter what your business is, it’ll benefit from a good, consistent blog as part of your content strategy. So whether or not you enjoy blogging, there are plenty of really good reasons to do it.

Here are my top three reasons why it’s good for your business to run a top-notch blog. Or get someone else to.

Reason number 1: Increase traffic

Simply put, blogging is a great way to increase website traffic. A well-run blog does this in at least three key ways:

Targeting specific keywords and getting your content in front of the right people:

Just like any other page on your website, each blog you post is a great vehicle to target key words and grab traffic via organic searches.

Cause Google bots to crawl your site more frequently, improving your site’s ranking:

Having a blog is a particularly useful way to beat off competition by outranking them in Google searches. Google will love you all the more for adding fresh content. And if your website’s frequently updated, Google’s clever bots will scan your site more often than if you just let it fester.

Encourage sharing on social media with timely, interesting and/or relevant content:

A good blog post is one you can share. Share-worthy content will bring traffic to your blog when you post it on social media. And if your content’s really good, others will want to share your blogs too.

If your blog’s of a particularly high standard or strikes the right chord with people, you’ll soon grow a dedicated following and gain repeat visits.

Reason number 2: Set your business apart from your less interesting competition

Here’s where you – or your favourite copywriter – can let your business’ personality shine. What sets you apart from that other company selling the same stuff as you? Why are you so great at what you do compared to that other bloke down the road?

Your blog is the perfect place to show your potential customers why you’re the one to pick out of the crowd and beat your competition to the punch.

Beating competition with a blog

Worrying a blog will detract from your tone of voice (TOV) definitely shouldn’t put you off having one. Your TOV is hugely important for the success of your blog and a good writer will maintain it throughout.

Yes a blog lets you show more of your personality, but it also lets you show more of your business, allowing you to showcase your work in more detail. Doing this won’t make you look unprofessional.

Reason number 3: An active blog shows you’re active

For every active website on the World Wide Web, there are plenty of others that aren’t maintained. So when someone thinks about contacting you, or buying directly from your website, they’ll want assurance your business still exists.

One of the big signs customers look for is a regularly updated blog. Going to a blog only to find nobody’s posted anything since 2012 will deter your customers for sure. But not having a blog at all can be equally off-putting.

A well-maintained, relevant blog is one of the best ways to announce to potential customers: “Hey you! Yeah you! We’re open for business and we’re doing great. And this is all the cool stuff we’re up to.”


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9th June 2015

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