Tone of voice

Your tone of voice is how your brand would sound if it could talk out loud.

We’ll develop guidelines especially for you, giving your brand its own voice.

These guidelines are based on your goals, your target audience, your brand values, our research – plus that dash of Unramble magic you won’t find anywhere else.

Goal setting

The first crucial step is to identify your goals. These need to be specific, ambitious enough to be worth your time, but not so ambitious that they’re unachievable.

For example, a goal might be to increase your monthly leads from 0 to 8 a month within the next 3 months. Or to increase your sales by 1000% in 1 year.

User personas

Your audience are extremely important – after all, they’re the people you’re selling to. We’ll discuss your target audience in detail, usually identifying three or four people who you currently sell to, or who you’d like to sell to in future. We then create user personas based on these people.

The resulting user personas are realistic human personalities, and can be clearly pictured anytime anyone is writing for your business.

Brand values

While it’s important to please your audience, it’s also important to accurately represent who you are as a company. Otherwise you won’t come across as authentic.

Why was your business set up? How do you want people to perceive your company? What words do you hate? Are there any particular companies you can really relate to? These are just some of the questions we’ll explore to drill down to the essence of your brand values.

Communicating your brand

Your tone of voice is the middle ground between your user personas and your brand values: it’s your brand’s personality. It’s the way in which you’ll communicate with your audience to achieve your business goals.

We identify key areas of your brand personality, describing each and identifying the language you need to use to convey that personality to your audience.

Your final tone of voice guidelines include your business vision, your user personas, your brand values, your brand personality, and good/bad examples of your tone of voice in practice.

These guidelines can be applied across all your marketing channels, ensuring a consistent perception of your brand whenever and wherever it communicates with your audience.

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