Paying for Facebook ads

It’s no secret Facebook is a hard nut to crack – especially if you’re just starting out using it to promote your business.

First you’ll need to convince people to Like your page. You’ll then have to compete with Facebook’s complex algorithms to get your content visible on your customers’ News Feeds.

Unfortunately for business owners, it’s become increasingly difficult over the years to get posts in front of customers – without paying cold hard cash that is.

Facebook has always maintained it moderates user’s News Feeds so people only see what they actually care about. But it’s also designed to encourage us to pay for advertising – we’d be silly not to realise that.

Should I worry about Facebook clicks?

Without going into a debate about whether or not I think Facebook’s algorithms are good for users, the fact is, there’s nothing we can do to change them.

Businesses of all sizes will consider investing in some paid advertising at some stage as part of their plan to promote themselves.

But the question is: if you decide to pay for promoted posts on Facebook, should you be disappointed if your audience doesn’t click on them?

According to Facebook, probably not. It turns out audience engagement on Facebook isn’t just about how many people click on your posts.

In fact 90% of those who go on to make purchases after seeing a Facebook ad, don’t click on that ad first.

The way people shop around for goods and services online is complicated and Facebook’s research backs this up. Just because people don’t click on stuff, doesn’t mean they aren’t interested.

It makes sense really – with so much information thrown at us, often we just read, absorb and move on to the next thing. Somewhere along the way, something sticks and we buy.

Targeting Facebook ads to the least clicky

To top this off, research from Facebook compares the cost to target different “clicky” levels of users. In other words: how much more it costs to target people who’ll click on more posts.

Unsurprisingly, the least clicky are also the cheapest 50% to target with paid Facebook advertising. The top 10% clickiest users are 4.2 times more expensive to reach.

So if it’s expensive to target clicky users but the non-clicky users still by…this suggests targeting clickers is inefficient. No point paying extra to target clickers when we know the non-clicking majority are buyers anyway.

It goes to show, going viral isn’t everything.

If you’re advertising on Facebook, it’s more important to get excellent content in front of the right readers than simply chasing a bunch of clicks. And happily, targeting the least clicky is far more cost-effective.

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