About Unramble

Initially founded in 2015 in the UK, Unramble now operates as a social enterprise in New Zealand with two main goals:

  1. To help women get the word out about their businesses.
  2. To raise as much money as possible to help charities do amazing work to boost New Zealand women.

We welcome everyone as clients. The difference here is: everyone pays what they want, when they want – if and when they can.

The hope is that together, we create an ecosystem where everyone puts in as much time, skills and money as they’re able to, and all of us grow happier and more excited about our futures 👏

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Our ecosystem inputs kindness and outputs awesomeness

About Alice Richardson, Unramble’s founder

I initially founded Unramble in 2015 following a stint as a freelance copywriter. After nearly five years running the business, another two businesses on the side, one baby, and one move home to New Zealand – much of the excitement and passion for marketing I had when I started Unramble had seriously waned.

I’d grown tired of going to conferences where I was outnumbered and talked over. I’d grown tired of constantly having to explain that, yes, I do know what I’m doing, and yes, I can balance running my businesses with having a child.

I’d grown tired of being told how much I had to charge people to be taken seriously 🥱

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By the middle of 2019, I’d significantly pulled away from Unramble – having closed it up officially in the UK and unsure whether to carry it on over here.

I began exclusively working freelance with clients who made me want to jump out of bed in the morning and create. And, importantly, I still really didn’t care what I was paid to do it – as long as I felt I was actually doing something useful in the world.

In November 2019, after speaking to someone very wise about all of this, they helped me realise something: I don’t have to force myself to build Unramble around the tenet of profit maximisation, just because that’s “the done thing”.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s OK to focus on what I really care about: my family and being kind to others.

So I relaunched Unramble in my home country, New Zealand, with kindness at the forefront.

This is a different way of marketing. It’s not focused on budget and buzzwords – it’s about giving you the tools and confidence to get out there and share what you care about with the world.

Now I’m really excited about marketing again 💃

Together we can build each other up, do amazing things and truly make a difference in this world of ours.

or help others start theirs