It might seem slightly unusual, but at Unramble we view events as a part of content strategy.

This is partly because we see the business benefits of some good old, classic PR. It’s also because we truly believe everything in life is better when accompanied by great content.

In other words: events are better when promoted with great content, and a great content strategy can be even more effective with an event in the mix.

Make audience-led events part of a content strategy

How though to create and market events that achieve your business goals? And how do you know people will actually want to attend?

You know what I’m going to say already, right?

Know your audience.

What is event marketing and why do it?

From intimate gatherings to enterprise-scale conferences, events are an opportunity to get to know the people who already care a lot about your industry.

An event gives the people you want to meet the ideal place to hang out.

With your target audience right there in the same room as you, it’s the perfect time to gain their trust and loyalty in a non-sleazy way.

By organising an awesome event that helps people out, they’ll become admirers, friends and loyal brand advocates.

Getting people to attend your event

Events can be scary to commit to though.

It’s every organiser’s worst nightmare to go through all the trouble of putting on an event, only to have no one show up.

Getting people to attend an event

But it really doesn’t need to be so difficult to get the numbers you need – as long as you understand the people you’re marketing to.

I talk a lot about understanding your audience. And this is another case where it’s vital to really know who you’re targeting if you’re going to do a good job of it.

So again, your user personas and tone of voice need to be spot on.

Why do people go to events?

In the end people will only come to your event if they feel they’re going to gain something out of it.

You can do all the targeted marketing you like, but if your event doesn’t give people something, they won’t bother showing up.

So you’ll need to figure out what your particular audience really wants.

Generally, people attend events for one, or a combination, of these four reasons:

But it’s no good to just give away a whole bunch of free stuff – it needs to be done for a reason.

Like your content, a truly good event provides the things your audience wants, while also meeting your business goals.

ROI matters

You could just invite your audience along to your event, serve lots of free champagne at an upmarket venue, and I’m sure most of those attending would have a great time.

Event ROI matters

But that’s not necessarily the best use of your marketing budget. You stand a better chance of getting a good ROI by keeping your business goals firmly in mind.

Achievable goals at a well-organised event can include:

Whatever your business goals, your planning should include ways to capitalise on any and all opportunities presented by your events.

Audience-led events with achievable business goals

Audience-led events with achievable business goals

It’s no good just putting on an extravagant affair and hoping to get lots of leads or sales.

And equally, it’s no good just creating an event that’s all about your business.

With an audience-led event, backed up by achievable business goals, you’ll make your audience happy and get a well-deserved ROI.

Keen to include events in your marketing strategy? Get in touch for help.

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2nd November 2016

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