It’s important to keep the tone of your website clear and this means not veering too far off topic. If I were to suddenly start blogging about my love of bears for example, it would be kind of confusing. Plus it would detract from the real purpose of this website.

But blogging on someone else’s website offers the freedom to express another point of view. Even more important: it’s a great way to reach a whole new audience, gain interest in your business, and increase traffic to your website.

An organic approach to blogging

Marketing your business and getting your name out there usually involves a multi-pronged approach. As one of those prongs, it’s worth contributing to an external blog as an organic alternative to direct advertising.

By blogging for another business, you’ll target a new audience interested in a particular subject, share your ideas, and improve awareness of your brand.

The goal is to showcase your brand, and prove you have an opinion worth listening to. And getting your good ideas out there will naturally improve your authority in your industry.

Building relationships

Whichever business you blog for, it’s an opportunity to build a new relationship. And if you collaborate with a business within your own industry, but with different strengths from your own, it could lead to even more opportunities down the line. They might recommend you to their clients for example.

If you’re considering this approach, I say go for it. And if you don’t have a clue what to write about and/or writing isn’t your strength, Unramble would be more than happy to help out. Get in touch and we can chat about tailoring this approach to you and turning great ideas into powerful blogs.


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29th May 2015

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